Friday, September 30, 2011

A.T.C.s {Artist Trading Cards}

Clever Girls

Holy Night
It's been forever since I've posted but here are two recent ATCs that I got to create.  I love the clever girls stamp sets.  These stamps are so versitile and I love the fact that I can play around with so many of A Muse Studio's inks!  The chalky inks cause the circles to look 3 dimensional and I love how it seems to pop off the page! 

The second ATC, is Holy Night.  It was very simple, only two layers with a twinkle star but it speaks volumes.  I attend a bible college, New Hope Christian College on Oahu, Hawaii, and this represents my Heart and Art of worship class discussions. 
In this day and age, many wise men and women still seek after Him.  Not only on major holidays like Christmas and Easter but everyday. 
God shines the light so brightly that we see that light and search out for it. 
The difference between doing good in life and becoming a Christian, is that one has God in their life! 
A person can be a good person and do all the "right" things, but truely, is that enough?
Jesus is the answer, not only on Christmas, but those days that truely counts: the day you loose a friend {in death or the relationship}; the moment your heart breaks; or even on those good days: the day your first {or second, or third, even} is born; the day you find "the one". 
Knowing that God is in your life not only to guide you but to LOVE you...with all that you are,
THAT is the difference between a good person and a follower of Christ. 

The bible is not a book of "Do's and Don'ts" but a book of LOVE and how in these stories God redeems the characters into a love relationship. 

It's in this LOVE that a person finds peace and joy.  Happiness is only temporary. 
Would you rather go by a temporary feeling or one that is deep and meaningful?

If you are reading this and have questions {about anything really...}
feel free to email me:
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I will try to answer you the best of my ability or find the answer from someone who knows...

Enjoy and Happy Stamping!!!

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